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Great op-ed in the New York Times today. Mexico is near and dear to my heart. One day, I hope to become involved in solving their political situation, helping them utilize the many resources they have to offer and to become a viable contributor in the developed world.

HÉCTOR ABAD, of Colombia, warns:

This is what we learned in Colombia: When the state is not present, it is local tyrants who take power and brutally impose their rules, which are nothing more than the defense of their privileges. The old Hobbesian concept, that the natural state of mankind is that man is a wolf to man, seems confirmed in these involuntary Latin American anarchist experiments. The strongest and richest wolf (from trafficking drugs or illegal mining) dominates the other wolves.

Of course, every country is different. But I fear that today Mexico is making the same mistake Colombia did a quarter of a century ago. The vigilantes appear to be a cure — they are seen as saviors — but in reality they are part of the illness, one more illegal army, acting without restraints and financed by dirty money.

For the full article, click here.


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