Effy’s Cafe

                          Image Source: Facebook

* Wi-Fi


* Coffee under $2

Tucked up in the wi-fi deprived crease dividing the Upper East Side from East Harlem is Effy’s Café, a simple little spot on Lexington Avenue.


The dining space is sandwiched between white painted exposed brick, rows of inexpensive two-tops running from the counter to the door. The staff is friendly, and did I mention already that Effy’s Café has wi-fi? My favorite part is the street-side wall comprised entirely of floor-to-ceiling French doors. Although a little barren, it’s a nice spot to work or sit down with a good book, and I’m sure it’s even lovelier in the summer.

Order at the counter. The menu includes juices (from the “Juice Bar”) breakfast entrees (all under $10), and some Mediterranean fare, and it’s cash only. I had an average-tasting chai tea latte and a moist chocolate muffin for about $5.

All of the outlets are confined to one side, which might pose a challenge on a busy day. The Tuesday evening I patronized Effy’s was pretty dead, and I lucked out with a corner seat next to a space heater and a place to plug in.

Suzanne Vega’s “Caramel” played in the background. I worked ‘til their (early) closing at 9, and was extremely productive. Wi-fi on the Upper East Side, at last!



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