“Is that genius, that Samsung has figured out that you can actually make a product for every size person?”

Lance Ulanoff, Editor-in-Chief of Mashable

The video above has been my morning. And I’m feeling excited about the future in a “the future is here,” kind of way. For a long time, I’ve resisted the digital movement, clinging to books, paper, penmanship, etc. But living in a city, traveling and moving often makes it important for me to simplify my space, minimize my belongings. I still have hard copies of the good books; I annotate and craft as much as possible and my handwriting is one of my assets, but technology has certainly rendered me more mobile and efficient.

So what’s the word on 2014?

Innovation in battery life to come. Apple and Samsung to recalibrate against one another’s feature strengths. Microsoft so far has dropped the ball. Goooo Google! But the real standout of the times is Amazon.

Its Kindle product has served as a catalyst for Amazon becoming a major tech contender, and its maintained the hold with its stellar customer service.

The boost that gave Amazon its millenial street cred stems originally from the Kindle, an e-reader. How ironic that books and the popularity of reading directly correlates to the technological success of this e-commerce site. Very cool.

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