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Image Source: Buzzfeed

Up until now, the hype about John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars film has been pretty mellow. Above is the newly released poster for the book-to-movie, coming in June 2014 and starring Divergent Co-stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort.

The coming-of-age of Hazel, a 16-year-old cancer patient, is atypical – just like the disease stymying her life no matter how she approaches it. She can’t give in for the sake of her parents, but she can’t fight the untreatable condition either. She passes each day, listlessly, oxygen machine in tow, until a new patient shows up at her support group and breathes a little life back into her.

Green’s novel reminds me a little of this David Sedaris piece in The New Yorker. It’s not dark, but it’s sad, and it feels intimate and raw. You find yourself relating to her teenage angst, until you remember that, you couldn’t possibly understand the intricacies of her struggle. It’s also very beautiful, how she finds love and perspective despite really, tragic moments.

Popwatch is a little taken aback over the movie’s tagline: One sick love story, but having read the book, I have to say the phrase suits its ironic tone. Not quite poking fun, but Hazel’s delivery is borderline comical in a questionably sarcastic kind of way. She makes jokes you’re not sure you should laugh at, and really only softens for her parents. Her light-hearted companion is the sugar to her spice, but not without his own dubious flashes.

Expect tears, and based on the book, a unique and powerful story.


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