Nelson Mandela’s Top Five Contributions to Humanity

Image Source: Las Vegas Guardian Express

In memory of Nelson Mandela, who passed away December 5, 2013, Vice put together a list of intimate facts, oft crudely-worded, about the African leader and revolutionary. I selected a few interesting ones. For the full list and explanations, see the link to the original article below:

1. Nelson Mandela Learned Early That if You Have Advanced Stage TB, It Is a Bad Idea to Smoke a Pipe

2. He May Have Inherited His Stubbornness from His Father

3. He Went to the Oxford of Uhuru

4. He Had Two Daughters, Both Called Makaziwe

5. War and Peace was his favorite book

6. Some Stories Suggest He Secretly Loved Jail

7. Long Walk to Freedom Was Ghost-Written


For the original article, click here.


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