I get kind of irritated or prickly when people say men who write are just creating a fantasy woman, because in fact a male writer can reveal a woman to you in a way that you wouldn’t see it. And vice versa.

-Emily Witt, Writer

No Regrets, out next week, is a collection of insights from female writers and the books they connected with in early adulthood. New York Magazine posted excerpts from a conversation between four of them, where they discuss self-discovery, sex, literature and womanhood.

“Women speak to one another differently in rooms without men,” writes the book’s editor, Dayna Tortorici, in her introduction. “Not better, not more honestly, not more or less intelligently — just differently, and in a way one doesn’t see portrayed as often as one might like.” The result is “a book of women talking about the processes of becoming themselves.”

For the original post, click here.


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