From Invisibility Cloaks to Butterbeer: 9 Harry Potter Inventions That Have Become Real


You’ve heard of the space race and the nuclear arms race, but now the U.S. and Canada are up to a much friendlier jaunt: a race to make the first-ever invisibility cloak.

Although the invisibility mechanism isn’t exactly ripped from the pages of Harry Potter — it would cloak military planes from radio waves rather than a person standing right in front of you — it’s one step closer for us Muggles to join J.K. Rowling’s fantastical world.

But this isn’t the first time something from Harry Potter has turned into a reality. Here are some other ways Muggles today enjoy Potter privileges:

Moving Pictures

While newspapers might not have moving photographs quite yet — although online news has certainly taken advantage of GIFs — 2013 is much more saturated with moving digital digital picture frames and interactive billboards than when Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released in…

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