Is this inspired by Description of a Match or Description of a Struggle? I can’t get a straight answer.

DSC_058120th Century Author Franz Kafka was born and grew up in Prague. This statute is placed in his honor across from his childhood home.

Either way, these are from “Description of a Struggle:”

“But I couldn’t afford to do much thinking, for I had to go on swimming to prevent myself from sinking too low. However, to avoid being told later that anyone could swim on the pavement and that it wasn’t worthmentioning, I raised myself above the railing by increasing my speed and swam in circles around the statue of every saint I encountered…”

“Yes, even remembering in itself is sad, yet how much more its object! Don’t let yourself in for things like that, it’s not for you and not for me. It only weakens one’s present position without strengthening the former one — nothing is more obvious — quite apart from the fact that the former one doesn’t need strengthening…”


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