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Did Disney Make An Honest Movie About Walt Disney?

For the first time, the Mouse House is having a real human (Tom Hanks!) play its founder with the upcoming Saving Mr. Banks. But is it truthful, or a fairy tale?

Source: Buzzfeed

According to Buzzfeed, this new flick tells the story of Walt Disney and his quest to obtain the rights to create the Disney film Mary Poppins.

The dirt? After 14 steadfast years, the original story’s author PL Travers caved to financial woes and started working with Mr. Disney. From there, it sounds like a contentious partnership ensued between the two imaginarians before the semi-animated, fantasy came to the big screen in 1964. Saving Mr. Banks could provide some surprising insight about the making of the Disney classic, and of the creator behind the beloved nanny who broke convention far beyond the walls of the Banks’ English household.

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