An Eberjey chemise, a camel trench or a sequined skull sweater – which do you prefer?

Refinery 29 has put together a list of head to toe pairings for six well known titles. Get into character, turn down the dimmers or light up the fire, whatever the genre calls for. Nothing beats the perfect moment with the perfect book, and a well read woman knows how to set the scene just right.

Here are a few reading accessories I love:

candleWhen your tiny city apartment doesn’t boast a nice, warm fireplace, you can pretend with these Magical Thinking Candle Holders from Urban Outfitters ($8.00).


Your exploring a new world, a new idea, someone else’s version of something you already know; you need a cozy pillow on your back or in your arms, and these decorative maps help your imagination place your adventure in perspective (Uncommon Goods, $95 for 3).

glassmarkMark your spot with these reading glasses bookmarks. Non-prescription lenses are go to accessories these days, but who says they can’t still be functional? (Designed by Rafaela Paludo, Brazil)

Uni Jetstream 0.38 black inkThe beauty of reading a real book is being able to mark it up, come back and flip through and find that word or phrase that hooked you. It’s nothing fancy, but the Uniball Jetstream doesn’t bleed through the page, and has a fine enough tip to write snugly in the margins or between lines of text ($8, drugstore).

Reading Nook

And lastly, a nook. A corner, a chair, a throw. DIY, it doesn’t take much, but it makes such a difference.

  nook image 3

For the list at Refinery 29, click here.


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