“A well-read woman is a dangerous creature.”

Porto, Portugal – this spiral staircase inspired JK Rowling while she lived in Porto. Winding and whimsical, they became the moving stairs at Hogwarts.

I want to facilitate and explain this quote by Lisa Kleypas by collecting reviews and suggestions and information and images.

Adjectives perhaps avail the widest range of subjectivity: even the broad millenial definition of woman is undeniably more limited than the many meaning(s) of well-read or dangerous. Interpret and manifest at your own risk, but if nothing more, please read and choose either to act or not act on what you’ve discovered. In other words, engage your mind with something outside of it, grow like the wild poppy, or the sole trimmed orchid that you feel yourself to be.

The way we process and endear what we read contributes to our personality. Do we even internalize what we read? Some of it? All of it? This interplay extends beyond the book, and into our lifestyle and culture. Hence a well-read woman is about much more than reading, but the woman who reads, and well.

It’s not an obsession with journals or Joan Didion or Tolstoy. A well read woman can reap as much delight from Bossy Pants as she can The Sun Also Rises and Game of Thrones – and hell she’ll probably be just as obsessed with the video (albeit “not as good”) accolade.

Or maybe she’ll be so inspired she’ll create a new world herself.

 Moving_stairs Source: Wikia

So in celebration of this cult, let’s crack the spine on this project and delve in.


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