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Sometimes you think you’re valiantly battling a dragon, but really you’re drowning in a birdbath.

-Jessa Crispin

Original post: The Tarot Card Reader, August 20, 2014


Joan Didion

“All PSA planes had smiles painted on their noses. The flight attendants were dressed in the style of Rudy Gernreich in hot-pink-and-orange miniskirts. PSA represented a time in our life when most things we did seemed without consequence, no-hands, a mood in which no one thought twice about flying seven hundred miles for dinner.”

-The Year of Magical Thinking p.49

“We live in a world of banal miracles.”

I’ve just finished Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. Spanning half a century, as well as the Earth, this story is beautiful: the imagery, the emotionality, the aching sadnesses and warm joys throughout. A lesson in purpose, aspiration and appearance is brewed heavily between the covers, despite the lightness of the read. Walter spruced up my commute, but I’d recommend taking this for a vacation by the water.

“Who cares? If he is good to you? None of us ever find enough

  kindness in the world, do we?”

              – Boris, The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch

NYT headerHilary!!!! I love her. I love her. I love her.

A continuous example of a strong, educated, substantive woman, here is an excellent and fun article on Hilary Rodham Clinton from The New York Times Sunday:

Any Thoughts, Mrs. Clinton, on the Year After Next?

Image Source: Reuters

Hillary Rodham Clinton is accustomed to hearing The Question. So if you have a chance to ask it, make it count.

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