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Sometimes you think you’re valiantly battling a dragon, but really you’re drowning in a birdbath.

-Jessa Crispin

Original post: The Tarot Card Reader, August 20, 2014


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Daily Cartoon – August 11, 2014

Joan Didion

“All PSA planes had smiles painted on their noses. The flight attendants were dressed in the style of Rudy Gernreich in hot-pink-and-orange miniskirts. PSA represented a time in our life when most things we did seemed without consequence, no-hands, a mood in which no one thought twice about flying seven hundred miles for dinner.”

-The Year of Magical Thinking p.49

“We live in a world of banal miracles.”

I’ve just finished Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. Spanning half a century, as well as the Earth, this story is beautiful: the imagery, the emotionality, the aching sadnesses and warm joys throughout. A lesson in purpose, aspiration and appearance is brewed heavily between the covers, despite the lightness of the read. Walter spruced up my commute, but I’d recommend taking this for a vacation by the water.

“Who cares? If he is good to you? None of us ever find enough

  kindness in the world, do we?”

              – Boris, The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch

NYT headerHilary!!!! I love her. I love her. I love her.

A continuous example of a strong, educated, substantive woman, here is an excellent and fun article on Hilary Rodham Clinton from The New York Times Sunday:

Any Thoughts, Mrs. Clinton, on the Year After Next?

Image Source: Reuters

Hillary Rodham Clinton is accustomed to hearing The Question. So if you have a chance to ask it, make it count.

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